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Apathy to Prioritize Health Care

            We Pakistanis are a brilliant nation when it comes to talent and determination, but at the same time, we lag in some critical aspects of daily life especially health and hygiene. Over many years, I have traveled through Pakistan visiting several major cities including all provincial hubs, covering urban and rural settlements, and registering first-hand observations of how Pakistanis perceive hygiene. In all of this, one thing has proved to be common; we as a nation lack general apprehension of hygiene.

            In terms of social stratification, some classes of our society care about their hygiene up to a certain standard which could be further elevated but the general hygiene perception seems to lack on the national scale. Neither do we comprehend the importance of improving health standards nor we have the desired public mindset that should be inclined towards using smart sensor-based devices to ameliorate national health merit.

Role of NXG Care in Elevating Health & Hygiene Standards

            During the last 1 ½ month or so, I visited more than a dozen establishments including restaurants, universities, hospitals, and corporate offices. Surprising as it may sound, at three different venues I saw the same touchless liquid dispenser used for sanitization purposes. During my third encounter, I was visiting a university to meet a friend in the admin department where eventually I came across SANTIVO, the touchless liquid dispenser I was referring to. I was inquisitive enough to have asked for the details of the company and product.

            The product belongs to NXG Care, a brand of NXG Impacts, which has recently launched its business in Pakistan and is purely concentrated upon introducing a new way of doing business and bringing tech stuff that hasn’t been seen before until now. They are committed to providing their customers with tech that has the potential to make an impact on their daily lives. Santivo has proven to be a classic example of such a device which has contributed enormously to the struggle against the catastrophic pandemic.

            The company has pursued simple strategies to spring awareness in the general public by installing samples at public gatherings. This can be considered a very smart move to catch public attention as the device triggers curiosity because of being touch-free whereas other commonly used dispensers are mechanical and touch-operated. They are providing their customers a vision into the future where much of today’s technology would be replaced by sensor-based, touch-free, and wireless automation.

Importance of Smart Devices in 21st Century

          During the last six to seven decades, as the aftermath of the industrial revolution, technological advancement has been on the boom. The dawn of this new century has pushed the frontier of science to new limits, revealing upon mankind the wonders of technology when it seemed to be the zenith.

            But as technology is advancing so are the challenges that will be faced by future generations. The pandemic outbreak in 2020 has made everyone on the run, making us re-think our overall approach towards our lives. Even with all our

technology and advancement, we were devasted to our core, leaving people and governments around completely helpless. The pandemic has proved to be a reality check and an eye-opener for us to realize the lapses in our preparations against future calamities.

            The pandemic has not only exposed the chink in our armor but also demands us to overhaul our national health and hygiene infrastructure. The use of smart devices such as Santivo is exactly what should be called to replicate in all aspects of our lives. The sooner we get used to transforming our lives around smart technology, the better equipped we will be in the future, specifically against natural disasters and life in general.

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